My Gratitude Journal

What makes you smile?
It is relatively easy to stay happy and positive during your anticipated events, travels or whatever keeps you going. I will probably be in seventh heaven when we’ll finally arrive to Sri Lanka. But if you tend to be like me, worrying about everyday stuff keeps getting you down. I had the tendency to overthink and worry a lot. I did not only worry about my own personal life, I worried about others, too.  Sometimes I envied my brother because he’s the exact opposite of me. He doesn’t care if he misses the deadlines. He doesn’t care if he’s late to work. He always says that ‘everything’s going to work out somehow’. I wished that I could be like that, too.
Even scientists have revealed that a positive outlook on life can guard you against health issues, that optimists are less likely to suffer a stroke.
So, to help me to stay happier and less worrisome, I learned that I had to express more gratitude. That is why I decided to start keeping a gratitude journal where I’d write down every little thing that made me smile or happier and more grateful each day. There are so many things given to us each day that we should appreciate. Every day brings us a miracle of its own. These are simple pleasures in life that we usually overlook but these little sources of happiness  sit right under our nose.
So what were the things that made you smile today?
Here are just 5of the things that made me grateful today:

  1. the warm water on my cold hands
  2. the feeling after seeing a really great movie
  3. a good night’s sleep
  4. finally seeing someone you missed
  5. when a baby smiles at you




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